The Genesis

A Journey Through Ancient Narratives
Reimagined with AI Artistry

The Genesis Collection is an innovative NFT project that merges ancient stories from the Book of Genesis with advanced artificial intelligence technology to create exceptional and lasting artwork that inspires its audiences. 


In order to create these inspiring artworks, the Genesis verses of The BIBLE were used as AI text prom.

This is unique and has never happened before in this industry. Rather than promoting any religion, this collection illustrates an inspiring story that is widely recognized across multiple faiths, which make up about half of the world’s population.


This collection consists of 1533 NFTs, with the primary images for all NFTs created and prepared for animation. The first chapter has also been animated and is ready for minting and deployment. Each NFT will be tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique ERC721 1-of-1 edition.

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Innovative NFT Collation​

Why The Genesis?


The Genesis Collection reminds us of our origins that same in Three heavenly books that are familiar to half the population of the planet, and each of the NFTs tells a part of a profound and timeless narrative to illustrate an inspiring story recognized globally. This is a story deeply intertwined with the hearts and souls of people


You can help build a better future for beautiful children with every purchase you make. An estimated 33% of NFT’s original sales and 2% of its secondary sales are used to support three of the largest charitable organizations that are approved by international charities inspection organizations for children’s welfare and education.


Each NFT narrates its unique verse and is tokenized as an ERC721 type, a one-of-a-kind edition among 1533 NFTs that collectively tell the story of the Book of Genesis. This collection includes 50 chapters, each released individually at higher prices. Early investors who purchased from previous chapters can buy at a discounted rate during the pre-sale of the next chapter and sell them at higher prices during the public sale phases.


Thanks to blockchain technology, embedding the verse’s words into the Ethereum blockchain and preserving them eternally for all NFTs enable collectors to experience a newfound spiritual depth and an enhanced understanding of the digital asset from deep within their hearts.


In the blockchain and NFT industries, this is a pioneering move.

Innovative NFT Collation


In this chapter, 31 NFTs are found, similar to the verses in BIBLE CH1, which describe the creation of light, the separation of heaven and earth, the creation of land and sea, the formation of vegetation, the emergence of sea creatures and birds, the creation of the sun, moon, and stars, the development of land animals and humans, as well as the creation of the sun, moon, and stars.


Charitable Impact

Empowering the future by nurturing children’s dreams

With every purchase, you contribute to a brighter tomorrow. 33% of initial sales and 2% of secondary sales are donated to charities dedicated to children’s welfare and education.

Road Map

Phase 1



- Ideas and concepts.
- AI Platform Selected.
- Finalize NFTs Artworks.
- Charity partnerships.
- Social media strategy.
- Community Engaged

Phase 2


Chapter 1 Launch

- Officially launch Chapter 1 of The Genesis Collection.

- Monitor and address any technical issues promptly.

- Begin documenting charitable contributions and partnerships for transparency.

Phase 3


Rolling Releases

- Gather community feedback.

- Announce the pre-sale for Chapter 2 with exclusive discounts for early investors.

- Release each chapter progressively, with pre-sales offering discounts to incentivize early purchases.

- Regularly update the community on the impact of charity donations.

Phase 4

Q3, Q4-2024

Long-Term Vision

- Evaluate the success of the initial 50 chapters and plan for the next phase.

- Explore additional utilities and benefits for NFT holders to enhance value.

- Establish a roadmap for the next collection, incorporating lessons learned from The Genesis Collection.

- Continue to support the charities involved and showcase the ongoing impact.

-Foster a strong community that is engaged and invested in the future of the project.

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